The Corona virus turns everything upside down, also the life of GCs. How do we fly safely through this storm? No better place to discuss this, for the first time live, than on the renovated huge terrace at the runway of Hilversum Airport. Of course, we will strictly comply with rules and regulations. Two special experts, trained to make decisions under great pressure, also on the lives of others, give a refreshing view of how to continue building agile, safe and innovative organisations and teams in times of storm. Furthermore, this is above all an informal networking event, with plenty of opportunity for small groups to share recent events and learn from each other.

We are happy to welcome you in person at Airport Hilversum from 3.30 pm till 6.30 pm. The location has a large terrace and we will be outside but underneath large open-roofed tents, so should there be sun or a bit of rain we are protected.

The COVID-19 pandemic: Leadership into uncharted territory

We invited some really interesting keynote speakers, who both work in environments where crises are unpredictable in timing and form. To guide their teams through these VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) situations they use Commanders’ Intent empowered by Leading Principles. How well does your team know your intentions as a leader when a crisis hits your organization?  Jeroen and Steven will tell us about leadership principles in times of crisis and how you as a General Counsel can embrace and use them. The keynote will be in English.

Jeroen Gerits – National Police

Chief Operations Officer at the National Operations Command for the Dutch National Police.

Steven Becker – Aviation Crisis Expert

Captain Boeing 777 at KLM, co-author of the book Feedback First and managing partner at Futureteaming.

Registration: Will you be present or can't you make it?

Due to the Corona measurements, we need to know exactly who will and who will not attend. We hope for your understanding.
If you register we assume your presence on July 2nd. This is a GCN members only Event.

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Safety First - Corona Proof Gathering

We will strictly obey to the current RIVM rules. The general rule is that people that do not belong to the same household should stay 1,5 meters apart. Outside it is allowed to get together if you stay 1,5 meters apart. On a terrace there is not a maximum amount to the gathering of people. However everybody should sit at a table and keep 1,5 meters distance from each other.

Due to the fact that the terrace at the location in Hilversum is very large and it is possible to roof it, we are able to organize this event. However, if new rules prevent us from organizing the gathering in a safe way, we will have to cancel the event. 

Questions? Voor more info: NL Government website

Uiteraard houden we ons strikt aan de geldende RIVM voorschriften en richtlijnen. De algemene regel is dat mensen die niet tot een huishouden behoren altijd 1,5 meter afstand tot elkaar houden. Buiten mogen mensen bij elkaar zijn als zij 1,5 meter afstand tot elkaar bewaren. Op terrassen buiten geldt geen maximum aantal personen. Wel moet iedereen aan een tafel zitten en 1,5 meter afstand tot elkaar houden (behalve mensen uit hetzelfde huishouden).

Omdat het terras zeer groot is en overdekt kan worden, staan nu alle stoplichten op groen. Als nieuwe voorschriften het echter onverantwoord maken om bijeen te komen, zullen we de bijeenkomst alsnog afblazen. 

Heb je vragen hierover?  Voor meer informatie: Rijksoverheid


Please feel free to dress as you are and feel like. Due to the fact that the outdoor event will be hosted next to the landing strip, you might want to dress casually. 


You can park – easily and “gratis”- next to the entrance of our private GCN terrace at Restaurant Airport Hilversum.


Restaurant Vliegveld Hilversum
Noodweg 43 | 1213 PW Hilversum

Vliegveld Hilversum (restaurant)