GCN Keynotes

General Counsel Annual Conference 2020

Muel Kaptein

De GC als Ethicus

De General Counsel vervult een essentiële rol in de ontwikkeling en waarborging van de ethiek van diens organisatie. Maar waarom en wat betekent dit precies?

Muel Kaptein is a professor of Business Ethics and Integrity Management at the RSM, Erasmus University.

Muel’s research interests lie in the area of ethics management, compliance programs and soft-controls. He wrote six books and has published 50 peer-reviewed articles in journals like Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization Studies, Journal of Management, and Academy of Management Review. Muel is section-editor of the Journal of Business Ethics. He teaches courses in CSR, leadership, and business ethics. Muel also helps global corporations in developing and auditing their integrity.

Maryam Hussain

Fraud & Corruption: Prevention strategies for GC

Maryam Hussain will give us insight into the question “Why did this happen in our organisation?” and how are you as a GC better prepared to prevent fraud and corruption. She will share and debate the answer to this question in the context of recent cases.

Maryam Hussain, global expert on Fraud and Corruption and author of “Corporate Fraud: The Human Factor”.

Maryam has dedicated the past 20 years of her professional life to investigating large-scale fraud and corruption in the public and private sector. She has led diverse investigations in 23 countries – from tracing USD 0.5 Billion of funding intended for one of the poorest counties in the world to investigating mis-selling of financial products by retail banks in the UK.  It is with this perspective that she authored a book about corporate fraud – “Corporate Fraud: The Human Factor” – which examines how to identify the early warning signs of fraud and corruption in organisations.   In 2019 she graduated from the MSc program in Behavioral Sciences from the London School of Economics – a course of study she undertook in the context of years of seeing the same types of fraud and corruption cases despite increasing investment in compliance and control systems. She now advises global corporations and governments on prevention strategies which incorporate insights from behavioural science applied at a large scale across organisations using technology.  

Hilary Scarlett

Unraveling the insights Neuroscience brings to the role of the General Counsel

Hilary Scarlett will help us understand how the brain functions and how GC can help the company make good decisions in times of change and crisis.

Hilary Scarlett, expert on Change Management and author of “Neuroscience for organisational change”.

Hilary’s work has spanned Europe, the US and Asia and concentrates on the development of people-focused change programmes and employee engagement. Hilary regularly works with leadership teams in the private and public sectors to help them build resilience and introduce change efficiently and effectively. Hilary holds an MA from Cambridge University, she has a post-graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Organisation Development and Change and is an accredited executive coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management. Hilary works with neuroscientists at University College London and in the USA to apply cognitive neuroscience to practical management tools. Her book, Neuroscience for Organizational Change – an evidence-based, practical guide to managing change was published in 2016 and has been widely praised. The second edition was published in July 2019.